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Namyick Food Trading  with 72 years of history in Malaysia – This is printed with the words “Yu Mao” and the ancient cake of the “Geng Shen” year. It is closely related to the Namyick Food Trading. It is also a natural encounter, allowing the owner to rediscover the “home treasure“.

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Picture: Old Namyick Food Trading Shop 

New address located at 31, 33, Jalan 10, Taman Sri Kluang, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Namyick Food Trading With More Than 70 Years Old

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Picture: Namyick’s Mooncake Production Process

Namyick Food Trading| Kluang Famous Mooncake

Zhang Wei Biao reopened in 1991 and continued to introduce mooncakes with “thin skin and thick people” to express gratitude to the old customers. Until 1994, Zhang Cui Hua, the second generation descendant, inherited his family business. Since childhood, Mr. Zhang Cui Hua has been learning from his father, from deforestation to wood harvesting, chopping wood, burning wood cakes, learning slowly and step by step, inheriting the spirit of his father’s down-to-earth pie and moon cake.

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